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Rock Hill Nursing Home Bed Sore Lawyers

The Rock Hill bedsore injury attorneys of Nursing Home Law Center LLC find it reprehensible that so many nursing home patients suffer from pressure ulcers when their injuries are completely preventable and unwarranted. Despite claims that nursing homes may make to the contrary, a pressure sore is almost always an indication that staff members were unable to give the patient the amount of supervision and care they required. This could be due to understaffing or the failure of staff to create and implement a treatment plan that takes the patient’s needs and risks into account.

If your loved one developed a bed sore during an admission to a Rock Hill, South Carolina nursing home, you may be entitled to pursue a claim or lawsuit against the facility. Contact an attorney at the Nursing Home Law Center today for a free review of your legal rights and options.

Rock Hill Senior Demographics

Rock Hill Nursing Homes

As is the case with the rest of South Carolina’s largest municipalities, Rock Hill is experiencing steady and rapid growth. Its location makes it an attractive destination and its population has risen 7.5% from 66,500 to 71,500 in the last five years alone. Of the fastest growing segments of the population are seniors and those preparing to retire. 10.4% of Rock Hill’s residents are over 65 years of age and the Baby Boomer population is due to increase this figure over the next decade.

The York County Council on Aging provides numerous programs to seniors through its Senior Centers, lunch programs and in home aid programs. Whether members are looking to engage in social activities, keep active through fitness classes, access meal programs, obtain transportation or benefit from subsidized housing, they can find what they need through the services provided through the Council. You can also receive information and assistance regarding how best to care for a loved one needing assistance or when to consider placing him or her into a home.

Weeding Out the Poor Rock Hill Area Nursing Facilities from the Good

Our Rock Hill pressure sore lawyers often assist clients in relocating their loved ones from unhealthy environments into centers that will provide the care they need and deserve. An invaluable resource for determining how well nursing homes care for their patients is the nursing home compare tool provided by Medicare. This tool grades homes based on factors such as staffing, health records and fines assessed against facilities over recent history.

There are 18 facilities serving the Rock Hill area and only 8 of them have received perfect grades. The nursing compare tool will help you avoid centers like the Mecklenburg Health & Rehabilitation Center, which has been fined twice for over $38,000 in the last three years.

Pressure Ulcers at Rock Hill Nursing Homes Are a Sign of a Larger Problem

In order for a bedsore to become a festering wound, caregivers need to ignore the patient’s needs for a considerable period of time. Simply moving a patient around can alleviate the circulation problems that cause the sores and it should be impossible for a responsible caregiver not to notice the development of early stage sores. We are often asked how any compassionate caregiver could allow a pressure ulcer to erode down to the bone and become infected, and the answer points toward the administration of the facility in most cases.

Understaffed facilities reduce overhead by limiting their staff and the result is overworked and stressed staff members who must prioritize patients by immediate needs. Unfortunately, this means that the bedsores which develop among patients are often unwarranted and entirely preventable. The answer to this problem is to send a message to nursing homes that profits should never come before the wellbeing of our loved ones.

Allow Our Proficient Lawyers Prosecute Your Bedsore Case

If your loved one has suffered from a pressure ulcer, Nursing Home Law Center LLC can help you take legal action against the nursing facility that is responsible. Contact us today to be connected to one of our award winning Rock Hill bedsore injury attorneys so that we can launch an investigation into your claim. We will discuss your legal options and discuss how we would proceed with your case so that you can achieve justice on behalf of your loved one. Should we be unable to secure compensation on your behalf, our services won’t cost you anything.

Should you have questions about South Carolina law related to pressure sores, view our page here.

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