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Information & Ratings on River City Living Community (Violations)

The goal of nursing home services is to provide residents with an intensive level of medical care while, at the same time, helping residents who can no longer perform their daily activities. The medical care is only effective if the facility has the staff and the competence to carry out physician's orders. Some facilities fail provide a minimum basic level of care, and it can cause harm to residents. When that resident is your loved one, you can and should take legal action if the nursing home has not lived up to its duty of care.

The River City Living Community is a small-size skilled nursing facility with 87 certified beds. The nursing home participates in both the Medicare and Medicaid programs. It provides short-stay and long-stay services to residents of Jefferson City, MO and the Central Missouri area. It has for-profit ownership and it is located at:

3038 W Truman Blvd
Jefferson City, MO 65109
(573) 893-3404

Nursing homes are a highly regulated industry, and for good reason. While a large majority of nursing homes are high-quality operations with minimal errors and incidents, there are some nursing homes that, for whatever reason, seem to have repeated mistakes and lapses in care. Both the federal government and the state regulators are empowered to take action against nursing homes that have deficiencies in care. A nursing home cannot simply make repeated mistakes and not expect to be on the receiving end of government action. One action the government takes is publicizing the nursing home's quality rating.

River City Living Community has received a one-star overall rating from Medicare, earning it a place on the list of the lowest performing nursing homes in the state. The facility received a one-star rating in quality of resident care, which ensured that it would receive a one-star overall rating.

Although this facility did not receive a one-star rating for its staffing, it does have significantly less than the national average when it comes to nurses on hand. The nursing home has just under one hour per day of nurse time for each resident when the national average in 93 minutes. Lower staffing levels can lead to errors in care and various omissions. 

There have been 14 different complaints in the past three years that have led to citations against the facility. There were four separate complaint inspections between March 2016 and January 2017. In October 2016, the facility was cited for failure to notify a physician when a resident with dangerously high blood sugar was refusing insulin injections. Regulations require that physicians be notified when occurrences such as this happen. 

In July 2016, the nursing home failed to report an allegation involving abuse of one resident. The resident accused a CNA of slapping them. This requires that the allegation be reported to the state within two hours of it being made. However, the allegation was not reported at all. This was because the Director of Nursing claimed to misunderstand the nature of the complaint. The DON claimed that they were only aware of the fact that the CNA was rude to the resident. 

There was also another finding that staff administered medications late and outside the acceptable timeframes. For some patients, medications were administered as much as two and a half hours late. Patients require medications in the appropriate times in order for them to be effective. Some of the tardiness may have resulted from the fact that there was not adequate staff to give the medications to all of the residents. 

While the most recent inspection report did show some improvement in the area of health inspections, the August 2017 inspection report resulted in 10 different health citations issued to the nursing home. One of the more noteworthy deficiencies was the fact that the facility failed to give follow-up neurological tests after five different residents fell. Nursing homes must administer these checks within 72 hours after a fall to make sure that there is no other damage. In addition, the nursing home failed to both prevent new cases of pressure ulcers and heal existing cases. One resident was observed on multiple occasions lying with their heel directly on the bed without a heel boot. The heel is one area that is particularly sensitive to pressure ulcers. Another resident had a large pressure ulcer on their buttock, but staff did not affix a wound dressing. While the facility does not have a rate of pressure ulcers much higher than the national average, a nursing home can usually prevent these from occurring with the proper level of care. 

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