Information & Ratings on Redwood of Raymore (Violations)

When you entrust your loved one to the care of a skilled nursing facilities, there are many different day-to-day tasks that can go wrong and can harm your family member. You want to know that the nursing home where your loved one resides is one that pays attention to detail since any minor failure can become a major one very quickly due to the frail condition of a nursing home resident. In the event that your family member has suffered injury at a nursing home, it is vital that you take prompt legal action within the statute of limitations to fight for the legal rights of your loved one.

Redwood of Raymore is a large-sized facility with 142 certified beds. It participates in both the Medicare and Medicaid programs. Redwood of Raymore provides long-stay services to residents of Independence, MO and the Great Kansas City area. It has for-profit ownership and is located at:

600 E Sunrise Dr 
Raymore, MO 64083
(816) 322-1991

Nursing homes are subject to different layers of regulation. The first is through the federal government, which conducts annual inspections of nursing homes and may levy fines or deny Medicare reimbursements. The second is through the State of Missouri, who is the licensing entity for a nursing home. A skilled nursing facility must follow both sets of regulations or risk penalties from either of the two entities. In this case, Redwood of Raymore has had issues with both the federal and state regulators.

The reports that are issued to accompany federal inspections of skilled nursing facility often tell the story of the quality of care at the facility. When there is a multitude of issues at a nursing home, it may indicate that the pattern of care is sloppy and that attention is not paid to detail. When dealing with something such as care for the infirm who cannot care for themselves, it is precise detail that is required.

The most recent inspection report resulted in a disturbing 23 citations noted. These deficiencies touched on practically every aspect of care at the facility. None of these deficiencies resulted in actual harm to a resident so the facility was not fined notwithstanding the high number of citations. 

The inspection report noted that the facility did not have adequate staff on hand to perform some of the vital tasks of skilled nursing care, such as providing residents with regular baths. One resident did not receive a bath for three weeks. Regular hygiene is necessary to prevent residents from contracting an infection. The nursing home also had a higher than allowable error rate in administering medications to residents. The highest allowable error rate is five percent, but this nursing home's rate of error was close to nine percent. For one resident, the staff simply left medication in a cup by the resident's bedside. The resident had several cups with medication piled up in these cups. Another resident was observed in the dining room wearing urine soaked pants with a pill stuck to their shirt. 

Additionally, there were multiple complaint inspections that were carried out in 2016. One inspection resulted in a citation against the facility for failure to perform a comprehensive investigation of unknown injuries to four separate residents. For some of these injuries, the nursing home performed some type of investigation, but did not reach a conclusion. Another injury should have been reported to the state, but the facility did not do so. Investigations of these injuries should reach a conclusion, even if the nursing home was unable to figure out exactly what transpired.

The 2017 inspection report yielded 20 different health citations against this home. Additionally, 19 complaints have resulted in citations assessed to this facility.

This nursing home has also received two Notices of Noncompliance from the State of Missouri in consecutive years. In June 2017, Redwood of Raymore received a Notice of Noncompliance for a Class II violation. The facility failed to follow physician's orders for scheduled pain medication and tube feeding flushes. In addition, the home also failed to take various measures that it should have to prevent the spread of infection. For example, it did not screen a newly admitted resident for tuberculosis. It also did take measure to keep several different types of tubing from coming into contact with the floor, which has the potential to cause infection in the resident. The more recent Notice of Noncompliance was from November 2018 and it was for the failure to designate an administrator who held a valid license for a period of five weeks. 

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