Information & Ratings on Redwood of Kansas City South (Violations)

Some nursing homes provide excellent care to their residents, sparing no expense in ensuring that there are adequate staff and a large enough investment in the quality of care at the facility. However, other nursing homes do not do nearly what is necessary to ensure that their residents are well cared for and that the provision of care at the facility is as error-free as possible. That becomes an issue when a mistake or omission in care harms your loved one. If that has happened, you need a lawyer on your side to help hold the nursing home accountable. 

Redwood of Kansas City South is a medium-sized facility with 100 certified beds. The home participates in both the Medicare and Medicaid programs. It provides long-stay services to residents of the Greater Kansas City area. It has for-profit ownership and is located at:

8033 Holmes Rd 
Kansas City, MO 64131
(816) 363-6222

Federal and state regulations govern every single aspect of care at a nursing home. Skilled nursing facilities must meticulously follow each of these rules in caring for their residents. Annual inspections or investigations undertaken in response to complaints can discover violations of these laws and regulations. The consequence is that the facility receives a citation and must correct the condition that led to the error if it wishes to remain eligible for the Medicare and Medicaid programs. The worst case scenario is a fine or payment denial from Medicare for new patients.

While this facility has not received any fines or payment denials from Medicare, the recent inspection reports have noted a large number of health citations. For the facility, the quality of care has been deteriorating as evidenced by the growing number of issues that federal inspectors have noted in visits to the facility. 

The June 2018 inspection report noted 23 different issues with care at the facility. The average for a skilled nursing facility is roughly seven citations. The number of citations more than doubled in 2018. This nursing home is part of a chain of nursing homes that has been beset by issues. Each one of the company's homes in the Kansas City area has experienced a decline in the quality of care in the past couple of years. 

The 2018 inspection cited the facility for its failure to provide services that meet the professional standards of quality. In one instance, a resident coded and the staff performed CPR on the resident. The resident ultimately died, but there was not any documentation of what was done to resuscitate the resident or of their death. Further, the facility did not ensure that the Out of the hospital Do Not Resuscitate order was complete, and the staff performed CPR on the resident when they were unsure whether to do so. In another instance, the facility failed to track the return of a resident from the hospital. 

The nursing home also had multiple errors in the area of medication. For example, the home failed to accurately document the administration of pain medication. It also did not administer pain medication as ordered. In addition, it did not limit anti-psychotic drugs to 14 days as required by regulations. These medications should generally be given to residents as a last resort and the facility should make every effort possible to make sure that either it tries non-pharmacological interventions first or takes measures to gradually reduce the dosage. This should not be an open-ended prescription. 

The 2017 inspection report described an incident in which a nurse should have had reason to report an alleged incident of abuse of a resident. However, the nurse did not report the incident through the proper channels. As a result, there was not a full investigation and no report to the state, which is a requirement within two hours of an abuse allegation.

Redwood of Kansas City has received the lowest rating from Medicare. It is rated one star overall and has also received one star ratings in the subcomponents of health inspections and quality of resident care. This means that both the process and the results are flawed. In the area of quality of resident care, this facility has nearly double the national rate of pressure ulcers among its residents. A high rate of pressure ulcers is troubling because these are largely preventable and are a direct reflection on the quality of care at a facility. High performing nursing homes rarely have a high rate of pressure ulcers. In addition, over a quarter of this home's residents need increased help with their daily activities. 

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