Information & Ratings on Parklane Care and Rehabilitation Center (Violations)

When you entrust your loved one to the care of a skilled nursing facility, you expect that those who are hired to work at the facility will be properly screened and provide competent services to your family member. When a facility fails to uphold that basic obligations and it causes harm to your loved one, you and your family may have a cause of action against the nursing home where they reside. In order to best figure out the validity of your claim and to advance it in the best possible way, the right course of action is to hire competent legal counsel.

The Parklane Care and Rehabilitation Center is a large skilled nursing facility with 240 certified beds. It participates in both the Medicare and Medicaid programs. It provides long-stay nursing services to residents of Wentzville, MO and the Saint Charles area. It has for-profit ownership and it is located at:

401 Mar-Le Dr 
Wentzville, MO 63385
(636) 332-9580

The federal government has a large role in the regulation of nursing homes. Federal regulations guarantee each nursing home resident a minimum level of acceptable care, and the federal government acts to ensure that skilled nursing facilities are providing that care. When the government finds that this level of care is falling short, then it has the ability to assess fines against a facility or deny Medicare reimbursements that impact the home's ability to remain in business. 

In addition to federal government regulation, the State of Missouri has a role in nursing home compliance. The state issues licenses to skilled nursing facilities and residents and their families can file complaints with Missouri. The state will issue Notices of Noncompliance to nursing homes for violations. This nursing home has received two such notices in the past three years. In March 2017, the facility received a notice for failure to provide documentation of checks of criminal backgrounds and the employee disqualification list for prospective hires. In addition, the home's employees failed to follow the procedures for proper handwashing before and after providing care to residents.

The home also was issued a Notice of Noncompliance in April 2018 for a fire safety violation. It failed to erect a complete smoke barrier on two different floors. The barriers were also not properly sealed. 

The Parklane Care and Rehabilitation Center received a large fine of $66,924 from the federal government in November 2017. The federal fine was related to an abuse allegation. One resident reported that a staff member slapped them in the face and held a pillow over their head. The requirement is for the home to report the allegation of abuse to the relevant state agency within two hours of the allegation being made. In addition, the health citation accompanying the fine detailed the care of a resident who was not given certain medications as prescribed and check blood sugar as necessary. This was not limited to just one resident as another resident did not receive required treatment. Additionally, multiple residents did not receive showers and grooming as requested and needed. The sum total of these errors painted a troubling picture of care at the facility. The fine was also accompanied by a payment denial from Medicare, meaning that for a certain period of time, the nursing home could not accept new patients who expenses would be reimbursed by Medicare.

Even after this large fine was issued, the subsequent inspection report still showed deficient care at the facility. The inspection report resulted in the issuance of 21 health citations to the facility. This is almost the triple the national average for nursing home for this period. Even after the State of Missouri issued a Notice of Noncompliance to this facility earlier in the year regarding failure to do the proper background checks, the facility still not check the necessary registries later in the year when hiring new employees. Specifically, the home did not do the proper checks for three employees who were hired.

On top of all of the violations found by both the federal and state governments, there have been 12 complaints in the past three years that have resulted in citations issued to the facility. Additionally, there have been two self-reported issues that led to citations. Finally, this facility has a much higher rate of hospitalization among its residents than the national average, which puts this home in the position to receive a penalty from Medicare that can reduce its reimbursements from the federal program. 

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