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Resident Interviews Proving To Be Too Burdensome For Nursing Home Staff

Nursing Home Staff BoredomSure, it may seem obvious that in order to do an assessment as to how a person is doing— you would ask the individual himself.  However, according to a report from McKnight’s, nursing home staff are ignoring essential resident interviews– which are to be conducted as part of each patient’s assessment process at the facility.

While not all patients may be of sound mind or physically capable of articulating how they feel or what they need, a recent conference call initiated by Thomas E. Dudley, MS, RN of Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) reported;

CMS has received reported from some state surveyors that some facilities are not completing interview when residents are capable.  Providers will be cited when such a practice is verified.

According a nursing home resident assessment tool (MDS 3.) mandated by the government, every nursing home patient must initially be evaluated in order for the facility to tailor a plan of care that takes into account each patients needs.  MDS protocols suggest that each patient be evaluated on: their cognitive ability, mood, routine, activities and levels of pain.

When patient needs get blatently ignored, can it realy be much of a surprise that so many nursing home patients feel alone and unhappy?

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