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Caught On Tape: 90-Year-Old Man Beaten By Home Nurse

Think the term ‘nursing home abuse’ is made up by lawyers?  Cameras don’t lie…


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  • Jonathan Rosenfeld’s Nursing Homes Abuse Blog

    Nurse Charged With Sexually Abusing Two Nursing Home Residents

    A CNA at Northwoods Rehabilitation Center, a New York nursing home, is being charged multiple felony charges related to an alleged sexual assault of a 78-year-old resident. The New York Attorney General has filed criminal charges against Robert Gunders…

  • Jonathan Rosenfeld’s Nursing Homes Abuse Blog

    Invasion Of Privacy; Two Kentucky Nursing Homes Cited After Employees Use Cellular Phones To Take Photos Of Residents

    Two Kentucky nursing homes have been cited by the Cabinet for Health and Family Services after employees improperly used their cell phones to take photos of residents. The most recent incident took place at Dawson Point. Although the specifics of…

  • Donna

    I am glad that all this is coming out. My aunt died from nursing home abuse thrown under the rug. She was hit in front of me by Father Hurley at the Carroll Manor Nursing home. He knocked my hat off and picked it up. I went into shock. When I was leaving one of the residents said I am going to keep my mouth shut so I won’t get beat.

  • Jonathan Rosenfeld’s Nursing Homes Abuse Blog

    Hidden Camera Reveals Caretaker Abuse By Nursing Home Worker

    When will cameras become standard issue in nursing homes and assisted living facilities? Amongst many elderly who are unable to effectively communicate, the only way of ‘catching’ abusive situations is via surveillance cameras. A camcorder left in a pa…

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