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Your loved one who resides in a nursing home is vulnerable when they are in failing health and completely dependent on the skilled nursing facility for care. The expectation is that the facility is a safe and secure place for your family member and that medications will be properly administered. Further, you certainly expect that your loved one will be safe from any physical harm, either at the hands of the staff or fellow residents. In the event that your loved one does suffer any kind of injury due to something that the nursing home has done wrong or eve something that they failed to do, you may have legal recourse against the facility. 

North Village Park is a large-sized facility that has 183 certified beds. It participates in both the Medicare and Medicaid programs. It provides long-stay services to residents of Moberly, MO and the Central Missouri area. It has for-profit ownership and is located at:

2041 Silva Ln 
Moberly, MO 65270
(660) 269-7300

Many nursing homes will operate with the highest standards of care and will rarely, if ever, draw a fine or some sort of punishment. However, the federal government is at the ready to assess penalties against a nursing home should the deficiencies be serious enough or if a resident suffers actual harm from something that the facility has done. All reports and findings that are issued by Medicare and the State of Missouri are in the public domain and reading them will give you an idea of the state of care at the facility where your loved one resides.

North Village Park has had a history of complaints and citations. In January 2018, two separate patients with mental illness eloped from the facility within a space of a week. Both patients had been diagnosed with schizophrenia. 

Many of the facility's residents have psychiatric issues. Therefore, many of the health citations and incidents relate to residents with mental health issues. Many of the residents of this facility are younger, so the same quality of care metrics that affect other skilled nursing facilities do not impact this home as much. In fact, the parent company for this facility settled a lawsuit brought by the Department of Justice for overcharging the government for physical therapy and rehabilitative services. The government argued that the residents were mobile and did not require these services. 

The facility received a large fine of over $90,000 in June 2018. The average fine for a nursing home is roughly $33,000 so these violations must have been viewed with particular severity by Medicare. One incident in the report of the complaint investigation involved a resident who tried to harm themselves by tightening a belt around their neck. The belt was so tight that when a staff member tried to remove it, the belt snapped. The resident's guardian was not notified of the incident, despite regulations requiring that a family member be notified when incidents such as these happen. Further the resident's physician was not notified either. 

Additionally, the facility failed to protect multiple residents from abuse by six other residents. The abusing residents had a history of violence against other residents. Each of these six residents had an incident in which they struck another resident and caused an injury. Moreover, the facility did not properly report each occurrence of abuse within the required timeframe. The nursing home must report abuse allegations to the state within 24 hours of the allegation being made or within two hours if there has been a serious injury. 

Additionally, the latest inspection report issued in October 2018 contained 22 different health citations issued to the facility. When a resident population predominantly has mental health issues, there is likely going to be a fair amount of medication administered. Here, the facility had several health citations in the area of medications. First, the facility was unable to provide documentation that the consultant pharmacist conducted monthly drug regimen reviews. In addition, there was no evidence that gradual dose reduction reviews were conducted. When a patient is on anti-psychotic medications, these treatments are generally looked at as a last resort. In the event that the treatment is able to be reduced or eliminated, it should be continuously monitored. Further, the medication error rate was higher than the five percent threshold that is allowable at a skilled nursing facility.

The fine that the facility was not the first monetary penalty. In Jan 2018, the facility was fined $8,125. This fine was for one of the incidents mentioned above where the resident eloped from the facility. 

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