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Wheelchair Accidents In Nursing Homes Are Pervasive & Dangerous

Wheelchair Accident Can Be Legally SettledWe have all met or been in touch with an elderly relative or a disabled friend who needs a wheelchair to support him through life. Most people who have to resort to a sitting in a wheelchair for extended periods not only feel crippled but also need immense moral and emotional support from those around them.

With their morale and will power already on the edge, experiencing a wheelchair accident at the same time can really break their resolve. However, what exactly do we mean by a wheelchair accident? Say, for instance, if a wheelchair malfunctions in a way, which is out of the control of a user or those around him, any injury or casualties caused as a result are liable for compensation.

Just as an injury resulting from working at a hazardous workplace comes under a personal injury claim, a wheelchair accident because of a fault in the chair’s manufacturing can be bought to legal attention.

Precaution Is Better Than Cure…

According to extensive research, 3.3% of wheelchair users experience a serious wheelchair related accident every year. There can be a number of reasons for such a mishap, some of them are:

  • Faulty wheels
  • Rickety seats
  • An out of balance chair
  • Loose nuts and bolts on the wheel
  • Dysfunctional brakes on the chair

If any of the above are inherently present in a wheelchair, a number of accidents may be caused that result in a nasty fall if the chair falls sideways, if the wheels come loose or if it collides with objects in case of brake failure. Even though, a manufacturing fault can never be anticipated or prevented; some caution on the part of users and their family members is called for.

Always make sure the chair is balanced properly before anyone is seated. Also, ensure that you have checked its wheels and brakes properly and given it a test ride in a small-enclosed area before taking it out in the open. Such a security check can be a relief if you end up finding a fault in the chair that could injure or harm your loved one even more.

Steps To Follow In the Aftermath of a Wheelchair Accident

While a wheelchair accident may also be the result of the way it is utilized, if you firmly believe that the fault was inherent in its making, do not hesitate to contact a personal injury lawyer immediately. A personal injury lawyer can help you with valuable advice on what all is required to prepare a case and how to go about its formalities.

If the wheelchair user has experienced severe injuries, get him admitted to the nearest hospital for medical help and attention. In such a case; medical bills, insurance claims, damage to the wheelchair and all other personal losses such as lost wages can be compensated for. This is exactly what a personal injury lawyer does. While you care for your loved one’s recovery, you can leave all the legal worries to the lawyer who is trained to build up a case for getting you your due share of compensation from sloppy manufacturers or simply negligent oversight.


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