“They’ve Got to Be of the Devil” – Woman Describes Mother’s Assault in Nursing Home

Mother’s Assault in Nursing HomeOn Friday, April 13, Louise Jones received the call that every daughter dreads.

“They told me that my mom had taken a blow to the head,” said Jones, whose mother, Elizabeth Kennedy, is a resident at the Maple Grove Health and Rehabilitation Center in Greensboro, NC. “She’s 86 and defenseless, and I wasn’t there to protect her.”

According to Greensboro’s local FOX affiliate, staff at Maple Grove called police after noticing a large bruise on Kennedy’s head. It was unclear from the report who noticed the bruise, or why the facility decided to reach out to authorities when it did. A photo used in the FOX report shows a 2- 3-inch purplish mark above Kennedy’s right eyebrow.

“I felt all kinds of emotions when I saw [the bruise] – hurt, anger, revenge,” said Jones. “She’s like my child. She can’t get up. She can’t walk. This is the coldest anybody could be. They’ve got to be of the devil. They have to be.”

Jones said that Maple Grove offered to move her mother to another facility, but that she declined, seeing that her mother’s doctor can only visit her in Maple Grove.

Medicare’s “Nursing Home Compare” Web site gives Maple Grove three out of five possible stars. According to Nursing Home Compare, Maple Grove only earned two out of five stars in the area of Health Inspections. During the time period between December 1, 2010 and February 29, 2012, the facility racked up a a total of 10 violations – more than double the state average of 4.

“If [Maple Grove] has anything Godly in them, maybe they can come forth on their own, and maybe it can make things a little bit easier,” Jones said. “But I don’t think it will ever justify how I feel, what it’s put me through, or what my mother has endured.”

Maple Grove ignored a FOX reporter’s request for comment.

For laws related to North Carolina nursing homes, look here.

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