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As If Living With The Pain From A Defective DePuy Hip Replacement Device Was Not Enough, Now Some Patients Are Having A Difficult Time Getting The Company To Pay For Corrective Medical Treatment

Pain From A Defective DePuy Hip Replacement DeviceDespite assurances from DePuy that they would take care of necessary expenses related to the medical costs incurred due to the replacement of various hip replacement models.   A recent NBC 5 Chicago, news story seems to indicate the company is not doing everything it claims it will do on its website.

The result?  More pain for patients with DePuy products who can not afford to have the painful hardware surgically removed.

The offers to pay for necessary medical treatment related to the defective hip replacement products is made on the DePuy website after a widely accepted study of particular DePuy products estimated a high failure rate.

Lawsuits and claims for damages against DePuy

If you or a loved one was the recipient of a DePuy replacement product over the past several years, you likely have received correspondence from the company and/or your physician notifying you of the product recall.

Despite invitations from DePuy to obtain related medical bills and records for you– there is no obligation to do so.  Completing medical authorizations provided by DePuy is completely voluntary and is not necessary to pursue a claim against them.

Given the limited medical studies that have examined the long-term effects of DePuy hip replacement products, we invite all recipients– regardless of if you have are currently having difficulty with the product or not– of DePuy products since 2003 to contact our medical device attorneys for a free case examination where we can advise you of your potential legal rights. (888) 424-5757


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