A Video Diagram Of A Hip Replacement Surgery

Hip fractures are one of the most common problems affecting nursing home residents.  As we age our bones thin and become more brittle increasing the likelihood of a sustaining a hip fracture due to a fall or being dropped by nursing home staff. Most hip fractures require surgical repair when the hip joint is actually replaced with hardware. Here is a useful step-by-step explanation of how a hip replacement surgery is done.

A Video Diagram Of A Hip Replacement SurgeryPrevention of falls should be a priority in all nursing homes.  To minimize the risk of falls the following fall prevention measures should be taken.

  • Remove clutter from floor
  • Remove improperly fitting slippers and other clothing
  • Keep bed rails up when patients are sleeping
  • Provide adequate staff and equipment when transferring into and out of bed
  • Install handrails in areas where patients need stability
  • Keep call lights within reach of residents in bed at all times.  Residents can request assistance easily.
  • Lock wheels on wheelchairs and beds when transferring patients
  • Monitor patients with low blood pressure

If a loved one sustained a fractured hip or femur during a stay at a nursing home, it may be due to the negligence of the facility.  Our office can work with you and determine if you have a viable cause of action.  Speak to an experienced nursing home attorney anytime. (888) 424-5757

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