Sexual Abuse Of Patient In Chicagoland Nursing Home

Angelo J. BirdEven with strict federal and state laws protecting nursing home patients, somehow people completely unfit for the job manage to find their way into positions where they are caring for an incredibly vulnerable group of people.

Recently, the Chicago Tribune reported on a horribly shameful incident involving the sexual assault of a nursing home patient by a supervisor at the facility.

Twenty-two-year-old, Angelo J. Bird of Woodstock, a CNA and midnight shift supervisor has been charged with sexually assaulting a disabled elderly woman at Crystal Pines Rehabilitation and Health Care Center in Crystal Lake, IL.  The 93-year-old sexual assault victim told investigating police that the incident occurred in the early morning hours of September 25th while she was sleeping in her room at the facility.

According to news reports of this incident, Mr. Bird had no prior convictions.  Further, Mr. Bird remains a free man after posting bond.  No word yet as to his upcoming court dates.

Civil liability for acts of employees

In most jurisdictions, the employer may be held responsible for the acts of their employees when they harm a person in the course of their employment.  However, in situations where there may be an intentional or criminal acts, many employers will try to evade liability by asserting that the employee’s act was outside the scope of their employment. Consequently, as a nursing home lawyer, it is important to evaluate all sexual assault cases involving employees at a facility with an eye towards negligent hiring or negligent supervision on the part of the facility in order to assure that the victim may be properly compensated for his or her injuries.

For more information on nursing homes in Chicago look here. For laws related to Illinois nursing homes, look here.

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6 responses to “Sexual Abuse Of Patient In Chicagoland Nursing Home”

  1. Fellow CNA says:

    This is total BS, you have no idea who this kid really is. Angelo Bird would never harm anybody, the claim is still being investigated. You are the one who is shameless, do you have any idea what a CNA’s duties consist of? This whole incident is pure garbage, this man did not harm anybody. Someone is just looking for an easy paycheck.

  2. As I mentioned, Mr. Bird is charged with committing these acts. If he is innocent, I hope the court will dispense of these matter. Certainly, we all can agree that these are truly horrific charges? Duties aside, no CNA, doctor, or any type of nursing home worker has the right to make unwanted advances towards a nursing home patient. Right?

  3. AE123 says:

    To: Fellow CNA –
    The woman sexually assaulted by this cruel individual is my grandmother. You state that he would never harm anyone, well he did. Our family is doing everything they can to make sure this does not happen again. Court date is set for Nov. 17th. I hope he serves the maximum possible.

  4. Though certainly not easy, I very much respect your families outspoken approach to this situation. The trouble with many of these case is that complaining witnesses and families fail to come forward and file necessary charges. Hopefully, your decision will lead to the full prosecution of this matter and other patients will be moved out of harm’s way. Please report back on the proceedings from 11/17.

  5. Fellow CNA says:

    To: AE123
    Do you have any idea what the duties of a CNA entail? Do you seriously believe a 22 year old kid would intentionally sexually abuse your grandmother? It was 4 AM and im sure your grandmother was scared, but he was only trying to help her. This is why you always need a witness in the room with you, so claims like this can be substantiated or unsubstantiated.

  6. Fellow reader says:

    I came across another article about this case and was interested in the comments posted. And to the grand child, abuse and any unwanted sexual advances toward any age is terrible… but you have been on several websites posting the same comment.
    Now you will read my other comment but just in case let me repeat it.
    If you were really her family member then you wouldn’t parade around any information nor comments about this case. You would keep this private now if you are her relative, then by all means shame on you.
    Who are you to slander someone’s name, you were right its the courts decision not yours. How would you feel in his place and you had people like YOU slandering your name with out any proven information?
    Again grow up for her sake and her justice and for your family’s sake stop going around the internet and posting these comments. I have saved at least 3 of them now…you are ridiculous. Let justice be served the way it needs to be, with out the media and you encouraging it.

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