Lawsuit Claims That Nursing Home Failed To Intervene In Case Involving The Sexual Abuse Of A Patient

Picture-273A lawsuit has been filed against the LaSalle County Nursing Home by the guardian of a female patient at the facility who was sexually abused by male patient at the facility.

The lawsuit alleges that between January and May, 2009 the staff at LaSalle County Nursing Home failed to implement preventative measures that would have protected the woman.  Specifically, the suit claims the staff allowed the man to access to the disabled woman’s room after they had knowledge that the man had acted sexually aggressive towards other patients.

This is the second lawsuit filed against LaSalle Nursing Home related to the same sexual perpetrator. An investigation by the Illinois Department of Health, determined that the facility made multiple errors related to the protection of patients at the facility.  State and federal authorities fined the facility $20,000 for their errors.  Additionally, the administrator and social service director were also replaced after the investigation.

While it certainly is nice to see changes made at this nursing home in the wake of this alleged sexual abuse, I frankly think that these lawsuits will have more effect on improving patient care. Particularly in cases involving widespread errors by staff, civil lawsuits can be the impetus to change.

Read more about this lawsuit against an Illinois nursing home here.


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