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Is Chicago Nursing Home Bullying Its Way Around Patient Safety Measures?

Nursing Home Patient Safety MeasuresWith a pattern of violence amongst its patients confirmed by investigations completed by the Chicago Police Department and the Illinois Department of Health, Rainbow Beach Care Center is certainly the type of facility that deserves the to be hyper-scrutinized in order to protect its patients.

In fact, Rainbow Beach has the dubious distinction of having the highest number of reports of assault and battery allegations– many of which related to unwanted sexual contact (including rapes and slayings)– compared with other nursing homes in Chicago.

Similar allegations of patient-on-patient violence provided enough concern for IDPH officials to issue five ‘immediate jeopardy’ citations against the South Side of Chicago nursing home over the past three years.

In response to these dangerous living conditions, the State appointed two nursing home monitors to the facility to help ensure the safety of patients.

Apparently, Rainbow Beach likes to keep as many of the ongoings at the facility as secretive as possible as the facility filed a temporary restraining order in the Cook County Court to have the monitors removed.  During a court hearing in January, lawyers for Rainbow Beach were successful in ousting the monitors as they arguing that the monitors were behaving inapporpiately and they had no basis to be at the facility in the first place.

While the judge involved in this matter must have had a good basis for his ruling, I frankly find the type of backlash involved in this situation particularly alarming and downright obstructionist.  Further, the lack of on sight supervision reduces the likelihood that the underlying issues at this facility are truthfully identified.

Hopefully, this story is not over yet…

For laws related to Illinois nursing homes, look here.


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