Identify If You Are A Victim of Nursing Home Neglect: Physical, Emotional, and Sexual Abuse

Physical, Emotional, and Sexual Abuse in Nursing HomesNursing home patients do not always receive the appropriate care even though there are strict regulations to protect the safety of these residents. According to a study done by the Detroit Free Press, the State of Michigan had the ninth highest rate of serious violations per capita in nursing homes. In fact, the national rate of nursing homes cited for serious violations – incidents that harmed residents or put them in immediate jeopardy of harm in 1.5 times for every 100 residents, compared to Michigan’s high rate of 2.7 times for every 100 residents.

When one identifies with nursing home neglect, they automatically think of physical abuse. Physical abuse may be one of the main kinds of nursing home neglect; however, there are other forms of abuse to watch out for. These include emotional or psychological abuse as well as sexual abuse.

Emotional or psychological abuse is defined as the infliction of anguish, pain, or distress through verbal or nonverbal acts. Examples of this include but not limited to staff insulting, threatening, intimidating, humiliating, or harassing a nursing home patient, as well as treating a resident like an infant and/or isolating a patient from his/her family, friends, or regular activities.

Many of times you may not realize your loved one is under the attack of emotional or psychological abuse in a Michigan nursing home. There are certain signs and symptoms to look out for to identify if you are a victim of emotional nursing home neglect. These signs and symptoms include:

  • Being emotionally upset or agitated
  • Being extremely withdrawn and non communicative
  • Unusual behavior usually attributed to dementia
  • A patient’s report of being verbally or emotionally mistreated

Sexual abuse in a nursing home is defined as non-consensual sexual contact of any kind with a patient. Examples of this include, but not limited to, unwanted touching, all types of sexual assault or battery, such as rape, nudity, and sexually explicit photographing. Nursing home patients who are sexually abuse may also show certain signs or symptoms that this type of neglect is taking place. These signs and symptoms include:

  • Bruises around the breasts or genital area
  • Unexplained sexual diseases or genital infections
  • Torn, stained, or bloody underclothing
  • A patient’s report of being sexually assaulted

Many of times when nursing home neglect takes place it is not reported for a multitude of reasons, one of the main reasons being a patient does not even realize they are being neglect. Any one who has put the trust of putting their elder loved one in a nursing home should stay alert and look for these warning signs and symptoms. If you ever see that your loved one is showing some of these signs, you should start to question what is going on and discuss your case with an experienced nursing home neglect lawyer to find out your legal rights.

This article is a guest blog written by Attorney Lawrence J. Buckfire. Lawrence Buckfire is a Michigan nursing home neglect lawyer and Partner of Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C. which handles lawsuits against Michigan nursing homes for neglect and abuse. Call our office now at (800) 606-1717 if you or a family member suffer injuries due neglect at a Michigan nursing home

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