Double Standard Applies To Sex Crimes Perpetuated Against Nursing Home Patients

Sex Crimes Perpetuated Against Nursing Home PatientsI’d imagine that there would be blood in the streets if our society set convicted childhood sex offenders back to their task after serving a short period (42 days) behind bars.  Yet when these heinous acts are carried out against equally vulnerable members of our society– the elderly, there seems to be little backlash when these offenders receive an amazingly soft touch of justice.

Just a couple of years ago– abusive conditions at Good Samaritan Society, a Minnesota Nursing Home, made national headlines when evidence surfaced that confirmed that employees at the nursing home were physically and sexually abusing multiple patients over an extended period.

Following a criminal trail, two of the main perpetrators Brianna Broitzman and Ashton Larson were each sentenced to 180 days in jail.  As part of the terms of the sentence, the two were allowed to petition the court at the conclusion of the first 60 days.  However, according to a report in the Albert Lea Tribune, each woman was released after serving just 42 days behind bars!

Given the young age of these perpetrators, I can appreciate some leniency in terms of their sentence– but I really feel that both the sentence and time served provide a horrible precedent for similar abusive acts perpetuated against the elderly by caretakers.

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