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CNA Arrested After Soliciting Sexual Favors From Resident

Apparently, a history of criminal financial behavior wasn’t enough to discourage the owners of Waterbook Assisted Living from hiring Katonia Davis as a CNA at their facility— because she wasn’t going to be handling any of the finances at the facility.

Soliciting Sexual Favors From ResidentYet, just four months into her tenure at the North Carolina assisted living facility, Ms. Davis apparently couldn’t control the strong feeling she had for a resident at the facility that she was to care for.  Another employee at the facility witnessed Ms. Davis pay the resident $20 for him to perform sexual acts with her.

While Davis was apparently quickly removed from her position by facility administrators and will face criminal charges, this type of incident again demonstrates that need for facilities to screen all job applicants and use common sense before placing an employee with a suspect background into an environment where they will have access to particularly vulnerable patients.

For laws related to North Carolina nursing homes, look here.


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