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Another Sexual Assault Of A Nursing Home Patient At The Hands Of A Convicted Felon

Picture-415Sadly, the most recent episode of the sexual assault of nursing home patient at the hands of convicted felon– who happens to be a fellow patient— occurred last week in a Florida Nursing Home.  57-year-old Larry Donneal Evans, admitted to the sexual assault of a disabled female patient at the nursing home.

The nursing home staff caught Mr. Evans in the act of assaulting the disabled woman and immediately reported the incident to police authorities. In addition to admitting to his inappropriate behavior, Mr. Evans stated that he did not stop his groping because the woman never said ‘stop’.

Prior to his admission to the nursing home, Mr. Evans served four years in jail for violently resisting an officer and possession of cocaine.

To the left, is a photo of Mr. Evans that was taken by the Pinellas County Sheriff Department.  Read more about the sexual abuse of a nursing home patient here.

I’m getting sick of hearing about these type of sexual assault cases involving nursing home patients.  Facilities need to implement more protective measures to assure patients remain safe from the predatory acts of their fellow patients.  If facilities can not assure the safety of all patients, people with criminal backgrounds should never step foot in these facilities.

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