Nursing Home FAQ

 Nursing Home FAQYou’ve likely arrived at this website because you are seeking information about a loved one in nursing home who is being abused or neglected. Alternatively, you may be seeking information about the rights and responsibilities of patients and facility. Below you will find a compilation of frequently asked questions regarding these topics and many others. Should you have additional questions about a particular situation, we invite you to contact the Nursing Home Law Center and you can discuss your situation with an attorney.

  1. Are nursing homes required to have specific numbers of staff?
  2. Can physical or chemical restraints be used on a patient?
  3. What are the ‘stages’ of bed sores?
  4. How do I get a copy of the medical records?
  5. What is a nursing home ombudsman and how can they help me?
  6. What is the surviving spouse entitled to from a nursing home wrongful death lawsuit?
  7. Who regulates nursing homes?
  8. What are some indications of nursing home abuse?
  9. Is Medicare entitled to a portion of recovery from a nursing home negligence lawsuit?
  10. What is elder abuse?
  11. What should I take to a meeting with a nursing home abuse lawyer?
  12. Are there caps on nursing home negligence lawsuits?
  13. What are the rights of a visitor who is injured at a nursing home?
  14. When should my family contact a nursing home abuse attorney?
  15. Are bed sores preventable?
  16. How long do I have to initiate a lawsuit against a nursing home for a patient injury?
  17. What is a contingency fee?
  18. Is an assisted living facility the correct environment for my loved one?
  19. What is an advance directive and should I have one?
  20. How does a patient’s blood pressure impact their fall risk?

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