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Welcome To The Mean Streets Of The Nursing Home. Now Gimme Your Jewelry!

Nursing Home Jewlery Theft Sure, I like to make light of some of the amazingly horrific news that comes out of nursing homes.  Sometimes, its just important to laugh at some of the stupidity that surrounds these facilities because if you don’t, you’ll walk around consistently saddened by the abuse and neglect-filled conditions at many of these facilities.

Today’s version of such a shocking event– that it makes you question the reality comes out of New York.  According to a report in, a CNA at Putnam Ridge Nursing Home has been charged with larceny after she apparently stole jewelry directly from a patient at the facility.

The CNA will be in court for a January 6th hearing.  No word as if she continues to work at the nursing home.

My take:

This is another stunning example of the caliber of person we continually see working in nursing homes.  When nursing home continually pay their staff extremely low wages and heap endless tasks upon them, the quality of the staff inevitably deteriorates.

Even a slight bump in the wages paid to nursing home workers will go a long way towards improving the quality of the job applicant pool and will likely improve patient care.

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One response to “Welcome To The Mean Streets Of The Nursing Home. Now Gimme Your Jewelry!”

  1. Stayed at Putnam Ridge says:

    I stayed at Putnam Ridge for Rehab the summer of 2011. I found my drawers had been gone through on more than one occassion. One of the aides told me that they had recieved a letter in their paychecks when the new (cheap) owners took over and they cut their pay from 15 bucks an hour to 10 bucks an hour. The food was awful, the staff was overworked and underresourced.

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