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Wanted: 20-30 year old female, 5-foot-2 to 5-foot-6, 130 to 160 lbs, brown hair and acne scars on her face

The above description is of a person in Clinton, Iowa police are searching for.  The woman called the Alverno Health Care Facility and tricked an employee of the facility into giving her the names of several nursing home patients with Fentanyl patches.  The woman then went into the facility to visit the patients whose names she was given.  The woman tore the Fentanyl patches off the patients bodies and fled the facility. fentanyl

Obviously, this facility is responsible for this incident.  How and why they would release the names of residents is not only a safety concern but also violate all concepts of privacy.  Then the facility physically let this woman into the facility to see these residents whom she had no relationship with is also disturbing and a nursing home safety violation.

Fentanyl is an extremely strong pain reliever that is absorbed through the skin. Fentanyl acts upon specific receptors in your brain and spinal cord to decrease the feeling of pain and to reduce your emotional response to pain. Fentanyl is used to manage moderate to severe pain, usually in people who have chronic pain. Fentanyl is often used when your other pain medicines no longer work.

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