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State Settles Nursing Home Lawsuits For Exposure To TB

Nursing Home Lawsuits For Exposure To TBEleven people exposed to tuberculosis at Pinecrest Hospital, a West Virginia nursing home, have settled their lawsuits brought against the facility.  The lawsuit was brought on behalf of nursing home patients, employees and visitors claims the nursing home was negligent in failing to keep air contaminated with TB out of the general areas of the facility.

Tuberculosis is bacterial infection commonly found in the lungs.  Pulmonary TB is contagious and may be easily spread through the air.  Symptoms include: heavy cough with sputum, tiredness, weight loss, fever increased pulse and swelling of the lymph nodes.  TB is treatable, but requires extensive medications and the symptoms may linger for six months or more.  TB can be fatal among nursing home residents as many already have weakened immune systems.

Nursing homes should take precautions to assure their residents remain free from TB.  In addition to screening new residents, nursing homes should make sure TB patients are segregated from the general population.  Obviously, if the nursing home chooses to provide medical treat met to a person with TB, they also need to have separate air circulation systems in place to assure the safety of their residents.

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