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Report Shows: Hispanic Nursing Home Patients Are Living In Inferior Facilities

hispanicA new study published in Health Affairs concluded Hispanics are more likely to live in bad nursing homes than other demographics.  After analyzing data from predominately Hispanic vs. non-Hispanic nursing homes, the studies leader Mary Fennell, a professor of sociology and community health at Brown University, believes the data conclusively demonstrates that Hispanics live in inferior nursing homes.

Amongst the studies findings:

  • 4.5 million elderly Hispanics require nursing home care in 2010
  • From 2000 – 2005, the percentage of Hispanic nursing home patients increased from 5% to 6.4% of the total nursing home population
  • Most of the Hispanic patients in nursing homes had already endured prior hospitalizations and require high-level care

One of the reasons the study suggests for the increase in Hispanic nursing home patients is that many of the predominately female care-givers now work outside of the home.

Whatever the underlying reason for the increase in Hispanic nursing home patients, I strongly believe that all nursing home patients are entitled to the best care that is feasible.

As a personal injury lawyer in Chicago, I unfortunately see many minorities flocking to inferior nursing homes because they are conveniently located within the confines of their neighborhood. Consequently, I always suggest that families should select a facility based on the quality of the services they provide over the convenience of its location.

Read more about this study of Hispanic nursing home patients here.


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