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Report Documents Problems With Nursing Home Oversight

Problems With Nursing Home OversightAAHSA (American Associate of Homes and Services for the Aging) has released a new report titled: ‘Broken and Beyond Repair: Recommendations to Reform the Survey and Certification System.’ The  report documents the problems with the inspection system for nursing homes.  The report calls for an independent panel to come up with standardized criteria for both the inspection of nursing homes and for the inspectors themselves.  As a temporary fix, the report makes 31 recommendations to improve nursing home care until an independent panel can be established.

“We have to break the cycle of fear that paralyzed us all: consumers fear nursing homes, nursing homes fear the state, states fear the federal government, the federal government fears Congress and Congress fears voters,” says Larry Minnix, AAHSA president.

The real problem with the system is its enormity of regulations placed on all parties involved in the nursing home industry.   Like our tax system, regulators tend to pile additional rules and regulations on an already overwhelmed system.  No nursing home worker could possibly digest all applicable regulations and still do their job.  While rules and regulations are certainly essential to provide quality care for the elderly, before placing additional regulations on a system it is better to take a step back and look at how to cure the current problems.

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