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Recent Deaths Lead Officials To Shut Down Assisted Living Facility With Questionable Past

With two seemingly preventable patient deaths in recent weeks, officials have ordered Willow Crest Manor to be immediately shut down.  An investigation of the deaths revealed multiple safety violations at the facility.  “The department has determined that the conditions and the care provided here constitute an immediate danger to the residents,” said Matt Jones of the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare.

Assisted Living Facility With Questionable PastThe recent deaths include: a 49-year-old resident who died from complications related to pressure sores on her legs and the unexplainable death of a 24-year old man with cerebral palsy patient who was found dead in his room by a roommate.  Pennsylvania officials doing a preliminary investigation of the matters determined that the facility had multiple violations relating to patient care in each incident.

These suspicious deaths come after the owner of Willow Crest Manor, David Mittal, has been in the headlines for allegedly choking a resident with Parkinson’s for ‘banging on the door’.  While Mr. Mittal awaits trial for criminal charges related to his ‘choking incident’, a judge banned him from Willow Crest Manor and the other assisted living facilities he owns.

Why are people like put in positions where they are caring for handicapped and elderly?

For laws related to Pennsylvania nursing homes, look here.

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