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Patient Advocates Provide An Extra Line Of Protection For Patients & Families In Nursing Homes

patient advocate.jpg Thousands of regulations, countless different types of facilities—- ever-changing patient needs— sometimes the best thing a family can do is to seek out the services of a patient advocate to help in exploring different options to to help ensure the rights of the patient are not compromised.

Below is a list of patient advocate sites that offer a variety of different services along with valuable information for families.

1) American Association for Homecare
This blog focuses on accessing care for people and advocating for people in their homes. They provide information about compliance, trends, education, and training and information for the patients and their families.

2) Pathway Medical Staffing
Pathway Medical Staffing recruits and employs nurse case managers and non clinical nursing professionals for nursing home environments.

3) Jacqueline’s Patient Advocacy Blog
This blog allows and informs patients to navigate and learn the healthcare system.

4) Suzanne Gordon
Suzanne is a writer, speaker and advocate for patients. Suzanne’s blog tackles important issues such as nurse communication and patient care.

5) RN Patient Advocates, PLLC
A group of RNs who teach people about their health care through advocacy, education, and guidance. The blog dives into issues that RN’s help patents work through.

6) Healthcare Whisperer
Hari Khalsa writes the Healthcare Whisperer. Hari is a RN who concentrates in natural medicine and healing and provides insights to families trying to navigate the healthcare system.

7) provides nurses with communication that helps with professional development and personal feedback. There is constant communication on the site/blog to help nurses at all levels.

8) North Carolina Estate Planning Blog
Gregory Herman-Giddens assists in helping those in nursing homes do their estate planning.

9) California Health Advocates
Based in California, they specialize in Medicare advocacy and education.

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