Nursing Home Spotlight: Heartland Of Springfield Nursing Home, Springfield, OH

Picture-56Heartland of Springfield Nursing Home is a large 126 bed nursing home located in Springfield, Ohio.  According to the government’s Medicare website, the facility received only one out of five stars, which is a much below average rating.  In the past year, the nursing home had eighteen health deficiencies, which is eleven more than the average number of health deficiencies in Ohio and ten more than in the United States.  The number of health deficiencies has increased in the past year, especially in the area of quality care.

The nursing home has an obligation to provide a safe and secure facility for its residents and to provide proper care and supervision to maintain the health of its residents.  According to the survey reports, the facility received violations for failing to:

  • Ensure that the facility remains free of accident hazards
  • Provide medically-related social services to attain or maintain the highest well-being of each resident
  • Develop a comprehensive care plan for each resident
  • Ensure that residents who enter the facility to not develop pressure sores and treat existing pressure sores
  • Provide routine and emergency drugs to residents
  • Provide services to maintain good nutrition, grooming, and personal and oral hygiene

The facility failed to provide medically-related services to maintain the highest practicable well-being of a resident when it failed to monitor the mental status of a resident who was at risk for side effects of her medications for depression.  On another occasion, the Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) changed the dressing on a resident’s leg wound without pre-medicating him, causing the resident pain.

On another occasion, the facility failed to develop an effective care plan for a resident who required above the knee amputations due to complications involving diabetes mellitus.  The facility failed to address the resident’s psychosocial needs regarding his feelings of loss and phantom pain.  Another resident who was on a feeding tube suffered a decline in status, becoming non-verbal.  The facility failed to update his care plan since the decline in his status, despite the fact that he could not hold a conversation.

Heartland of Springfield failed to prevent residents from developing pressure sores when a resident suffering from Parkinson’s disease developed a Stage 2 pressure sore on her right heel.  Also, the doctor’s order for a thick pad to be placed under the heel to relieve pressure was not observed by the facility’s nursing staff.

Heartland of Springfield also failed to ensure that hazardous materials were secured.  An inspector noted that a cigarette and lighter were left on the counter at the nurses’ station, while several residents were in the area.  The facility’s policy required that the lighter be secured.  Also, the beauty salon was left unlocked with no one present.  A container of disinfectant was left out on the counter, which can cause eye damage and skin irritation.

On several occasions, the facility failed to ensure that drugs and supplies were properly stored and maintained.  In the medication room, the inspector discovered expired blood collection tubes, expired catheters, and medication carts covered in a dried and sticky residue.

The many health deficiencies cited in the past year contribute to the one star rating for the facility. Heartland of Springfield, is owned and operated by nursing home giant HCR ManorCare

For laws related to Ohio nursing homes, look here.

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