Nursing Home Insights From The Director Of A Therapeutic Recreation And Activity Consultant

Nursing Home InsightsToday’s question and answer session regarding nursing home care is from Kimberly Grandel, the director of Re-Creative Resources.  Thanks Kim!

Who are you and what type of work do you do?

My name is Kimberly Grandal. I am the Executive Director of Re-Creative Resources Inc., a LTC Therapeutic Recreation and Activity Consultant/Educator

What are some positive trends (if any) in the nursing home industry?

Increased person-centered approaches to care

Increased interdisciplinary approaches to quality of life

What are some negative trends (if any) in the nursing home industry?

I see more and more facilities adopting the culture change movement, which in theory is a wonderful approach to care. With this trend however, I also hear more and more stories that certified and qualified Activity Professionals and Recreational Therapists are being replaced by the “universal worker”. Often times you’ll see more domestic type activities in these culture change homes, which is fine for some residents, but not for all-I fear that we will abolish the field of therapeutic activities and recreation in LTC based on the assumption that uncertified, unqualified individuals can facilitate meaningful activities.

How would you compare the nursing homes of today vs. those of 20 years ago?

I see that nursing homes are much cleaner, more homelike, have higher quality food, more interdisciplinary approaches to meet the needs of the residents, more resident choices for food, activities, preferences and such, better staffing in terms of qualifications and numbers, and a much more pleasant atmosphere than many years ago.

What suggestions do you have for families when it comes to selecting a facility for their loved ones?

I always tell families to interview the residents of the facility they are considering. I also inform them to tour on weekends and evenings as well. Of course staffing, food, activities, laundry, doctor services, therapy, should be considered as well.

Three words to describe nursing homes: ____, _____, _____

Care, life, corporation

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