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New Resource For Selecting A Nursing Home

New Resource For Selecting A Nursing HomeU.S. News & World Report has attempted to refine the data from Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to create America’s Best Nursing Homes.  Under CMS’s Nursing Home Compare, all 15,557 nursing homes across the country are rated on a five star ranking scale to help consumers make comparisons between facilities.  Facilities are rated on: health inspections, nurse staffing and individual quality measures.  Based on the ratings within the three areas, nursing homes are assigned an overall rating.

The problem with CMS’s system is that the sheer volume of the facilities within each star rating can be overwhelming.  For example, there are 1,909 facilities with a five-star rating and 3,725 facilities with a four-star rating.

America’s Best Nursing Homes, creates a more precise list by creating tiers within each category by essentially rating facilities on a 15-star system instead.  Of the 15,557 nursing homes in the United States, just 41 made U.S. News & World Report ‘Honor Roll’ by scoring perfect in each area of analysis.

In addition to providing a hierarchy within each star-rating area, America’s Best Nursing Homes also hones search functions by allowing families to search for facilities with a specific religious affiliation or medicare acceptance.  The site also also makes it easier to search for facilities without knowing the complete name of the nursing home or its exact location.


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