Maybe The Negative News Headlines Are Beginning To Get Inspections Of Long-Term Care Facilities Ramped Up

I guess most people read the newspaper– or at least glance at its online version— during their day.  While most of the news stories may be good for short discussions at work, every once in a while the power of the pen really does get people to act on what they read.

Negative News Headlines Last year a series of reports by the Chicago Tribune documented dangerous criminals living freely amongst patients in Illinois Nursing Homes.  The result? Ongoing crackdowns by the Illinois Attorney General at nursing homes throughout the state arresting these known criminals.

Recently, the Miami Herald documented how many injuries and deaths at assisted living facilities never get investigated by authorities from Florida‘s regulatory agencies in a series, “Neglected to Death”.  The article certainly shouted at the need for much more regulatory muscle to be flexed when it comes to injuries that could be easily prevented.

Miraculously, just weeks after the articles were published spot inspections were recently performed at several Florida assisted living facilities with long track-records of questionable patient care.

Coordinating several state agencies, the Florida Attorney General, conducted a two-day sweep at six different assisted living facilities in the Lauderhill area known as ‘ALF Row’.  During the spot raids, records were checked at patients were interviewed to see if they had any concerns that needed to be quickly addressed.

While none of the findings discovered during the inspections appear to require any immediate action or facility closures, several of the facilities may receive sanctions in the coming weeks after authorities have had an opportunity to review their findings.

My guess is that these inspections were initiated by the investigative series.  In the end, who cares?  However, let’s hope that the concern over the safety of Florida Assisted Living residents has some lasting power to protect these vulnerable people so another expose series will not be necessary.

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