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Lawsuit Alleges CNA At A Golden Living Center Sexually Abused Paralyzed Patient

Picture-312A recently filed lawsuit against Golden Living Centers in Merrillville, IN alleges that a CNA at the facility entered the room of a paralyzed stroke patient, took his clothes off and fondled the man against his will.

The CNA identified as, Ismael Golden, also faces criminal charges related to the alleged sexual abuse.  In addition to this incident, Mr. Golden is also accused of sexually assaulting another patient at the Indiana nursing home.

Read more about this case of alleged sexual abuse at a Golden Living Center here.

For laws related to Indiana nursing homes, look here.


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  1. STEPNIEWSKI says:

    I would like to comment on the level of care and the abuse I have witnessed at the Golden Living Center where I was employed as a Charge Nurse.
    I can tell you this, with the full knowledge of the D.O.N. and the Administrator, substandard patient care given by some of the CNA’s is known and as I was fired for trying to make two CNA’s do their job instead of sitting for hours watching TV and eating.
    Call bells ringing, patients screaming, I told the D.O.N. what i had planned to do in the event this occured again, she aknowledged it. When i put my plan to get these CNA’s away from the extended visits to the employee lounge and the TV and to the floor to do their work. The one CNA told me “I will have your job” and she did. You have the intestinal fortitude to listen to the rest before the commissioner of labor has my phone interview so you might rectify this You have my email.
    The level of care provided by these two protected CNA’s are appalling and the Directors permit it. Want to hear more Email me

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