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Happy Memorial Day From The Nursing Homes Abuse Blog. Visit Your Elders!

Memorial DayBefore you head out the door for a barbecue, take a few moments and give thanks to those in the armed services who sacrificed on our behalf.

Given the Memorial Day Holiday, I guess it was sort of sickenly ironic that I saw a story regarding the financial exploitation of a patient in a Florida VA nursing facility today.

After stealing a credit card from an 89-year-old resident at Haley’s Cove and heading out for a shopping spree, Tampa police arrested Maxima Jackson.

Ms. Jackson was arrested after someone reported her whereabouts to police after recognizing her photo from a bulletin distributed by police. Jackson is charged with grand theft and exploitation of the elderly.

Learn more about the laws applicable to Florida nursing homes here.
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    my husband Howard Gaines, age 53, died 01/08/2010 in a rehab/nursing home 3 months after being admitted for rehab after being paralized from the waist down. Howard died due to an infection from a large bedsore which occurred at this nursing home.

  2. Lorraine-
    Sorry to hear of your husband’s situation. My condolences to you and your family.
    Physically disabled patients are particularly at risk for developing bed sores. Physically disabled patients are reliant on nursing home staff to ‘turn’ them on a regular basis to alleviate unrelieved pressure on the body.
    Should a bed sore develop, the open wound puts the patient at increased risk of infections– such as sepsis.
    Many of these situations– especially in young people– like your husband– are easily preventable and are simply due to the neglect of the facility. I encourage you to speak with an attorney to discuss your legal options.

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