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Government Pays $3.2M Annually To ‘Crack House’ Nursing Home

Despite conditions that would make most fraternity houses seem like the Ritz, Westside Health Care Center and The Terrace at Westside in Ohio continues to receive government payment for providing substandard services in a physically dangerous setting.

Authorities have long been aware of problems at Westside, yet the facility continues to operate with government funds.  Ohio health inspectors have more than 200 pages of violations at the facilities from 2003 through 2008 and extensive monetary fines slapped on the owners, yet the dangerous conditions  remain.

A police raid on the facility on March 13th revealed conditions that made the City Council take notice and suggest residents find new places to live.  The police raid found the following physical problems  with the facility and nursing home staff:

Facility ProblemsiStock_000005220490XSmall

  • Fire doors tied shut
  • Mold on walls
  • Cigarette butts in walkways
  • Soiled mattresses
  • Roach infestation
  • Uncleaned vomit

Staff Violations

  • Allowing residents to smoke near oxygen tanks
  • Storing medication improperly
  • No psychological training for staff caring for residents with psychological problems
  • No first aid training
  • No fire drill training
  • 20% medication error rate

Nursing homes and long-term care facilities that receive Medicare and Medicaid funding must be in compliance with federal regulations.  I guess the government is giving Westside a freebie?  Read more about the nursing home violations at Westside here.

For laws related to Ohio nursing homes, look here.

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