Forwarded Email From A Perfect Cause Re: Abuse At Albert Lea Nursing Home

Abuse At Albert Lea Nursing HomeI just got an email from Wes Bledsoe, founder of A Perfect Cause, regarding the Minnesota State’s Attorney’s indecisiveness in bringing felony charges against the young women who allegedly abused Alzheimer’s patients at the Good Samaritan Society – Albert Lea Nursing Home.

Here is a copy of the email.  I encourage everyone to forward this email, as this really is an issue that deserves to be in the headlines.

Here’s your call to action!

Please call Craig Nelson… the Freeborn County Attorney in Albert Lea, MN… as soon as possible today. Please send this appeal to ALL on your email lists… plus ask family, friends, associates, and co-workers to call.

Nelson’s office number is 507.377.5192.

You can even fax him at 507.377.5196. I do not have his email address but anyone who does have it, please send it to me and I will circulate that too.

We invited Nelson to attend the town hall meeting last night. He declined, saying he’d “wait to see what happened in the media and hear from the court of public opinion.”

So… here’s your chance to be the “court of public opinion.”

What do we want?

1.       Felony Charges filed against the alleged assailants

2.       If convicted, the assailants should be required to register as sex offenders

3.       If he chooses not to file felony charges, he should immediately recuse himself and turn the case over to the MN Attorney General’s Office due to a conflict of interest


 1.       The families of the Good Samaritan Society – Albert Lea (nursing home) victims and many citizens of Albert Lea have asked us for our help.

2.       Nelson has

a.       Charged the alleged assailants of these victims with only class five misdemeanors

b.      Stated the assailants will “most likely will face suspended jail sentences and probation, so they’d have the threat of jail hanging over them if they get in more trouble”

c.       A conflict of interest due to a reported relationship with at least one of the alleged assailant’s families (he therefore should recuse himself and his office from the case)

3.       The alleged assailants are smarter than the County Attorney, as reported the alleged         assailants targeted victims who could not tell on them and if they did, that no one would       believe them

a.       Nelson’s office states the victims are not reliable witnesses

4.       Failure to prosecute physical and sexual battery committed against vulnerable adults by caregivers sends a loud and clear message that it is open season on any long-term care             residents in the future

5.       The alleged criminal acts committed against these elderly and vulnerable adults should be considered as “Hate Crimes”

Background on the case

Larson – Complaint –

Broitzman – Complaint –

Minnesota Department of Health – Investigative Report –

More to Come

Yes, I am upset about the State of Minnesota and CMS’ policy to cite ZERO deficiencies if facilities “self-report” and “offer an acceptable plan of correction.” These agencies will be our next target, but I want to give them an opportunity to talk and modify this policy before we move on them.

Yesterday was an incredible experience. We met with two families… had seven television interviews throughout the day… two print media interviews… met with an ally who is funneling information to us… plus the town hall meeting.

Here’s what the media had to say about…


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Yes… we can… and together… we are… making a difference!

Many thanks for all!


Wes Bledsoe

Citizens’ Advocate & Founder

A Perfect Cause

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Oklahoma City, OK 73103

C – 405.308.3858

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Our Mission – To End Needless Suffering & Preventable Deaths

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