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Faulty Handicapped Lift Blamed For Nursing Home Death

A faulty handicapped lift is being blamed for the death of a Canadian nursing home resident.  According to the coroner, the LIKO 102EE mechanical li


fting device malfunctioned during operation at the Leisureworld Caregiving Center (O’Conner Gate) in Toronto.

This particular lift is widely used in Canada and throughout the United States.  There are 12 reports of LIKO lifts malfunctioning since 2005 in the United States.  This lifting device is used to transfer people with limited mobility from bed into their wheelchairs.

Coroner Jim Edwards recommends the lifts be removed from nursing homes until the manufacturer can correct the problem.  The Swedish manufacturer has agreed to replace specific model lift.  Injuries occurring during the transfer of patients are some of the most frequently encountered amongst both nursing home residents and staff.  Nursing home should make sure their staff are properly trained in the use of all lifting devices and manual lifting techniques to assure resident safety.

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