Erratic Driving Lands Nursing Home In Court

vancrashUnknown to many, some nursing homes and long-term care facilities have buses, vans, and cars to transport nursing home residents to appointments outside of the facilities.  When nursing home take on this responsibility, they must take necessary steps to provide safe transportation. For many nursing home residents, this mean securing wheelchairs, providing an adequate supply of medication and staff sufficient personnel to assure safety.

This recently filed lawsuit, involving the wrongful death of a wheelchair-bound nursing home resident is a reminder that nursing home staff must take extra precaution when transporting nursing home residents.  The lawsuit against Fort Armstrong Assisted Living Center, claims the nursing home negligently restrained a resident during transport in a nursing home van.  The driver of the van drove erratically causing the resident to fall out of her wheelchair and become injured.

Nursing homes who are involved in the transportation of elderly are responsible for any injury occurring to the resident  during vehicle transportation, including:

  • Dropping the resident
  • Failing to secure residents
  • Negligent driving
  • Failing to monitor their medical condition
  • Improper operation / defective wheelchair lift

If you were injured in a nursing home vehicle contact my office to learn your rights.  If you are involved in a automobile accident while in a nursing home vehicle you may also be entitled to recovery for your injuries through their uninsured motorist coverage–even if the nursing home’s driver was not responsible for the accident.  Call us today.

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