Elder Care Resources

grandparents.jpgWhile the focus of my Nursing Homes Abuse Blog is on nursing home care– shocking, I know– today seniors have more options than ever when it comes to selecting a living arrangement for their individual needs and preferences.  

Below, I have attempted to highlight several websites that focus on elder rights from the perspective of both professionals as well as from caregivers themselves.  If nothing else, many of these websites can offer support for seniors and caregivers alike as they learn that the issues they face are not necessarily unique.

1) Eldercare ABC Blog 


This blog deals with all sorts of issues in caring for the elderly ranging from financial elder abuse, aging parents to average nursing home costs.

2) Elder Abuse by David Kessler 


David discusses the prevalence and problems with elderly abuse in society today. He discusses ways to detect and report the abuse. 

3) Senior Living Information Blog 


Lisa Sneddon heads this Chicagoland area blog and describes the process of aging and finding home placement for the elderly when needed.

4) Senior Care Blog 


A comprehensive look at resources on the internet for senior citizens, family members and caregivers. There are also links to current events, articles and service providers that seniors can use.

5) DeathCare.com 


This site and blog comprehensively covers the death care industry and current events. People who are interested in learning about death preparations, legal ramifications, living placement, etc. would find this blog helpful.

6) CareCrunch – Empowering Family Caregivers


The caregivers of seniors find this very useful because they have up to date information on new trends and ideas on caring for their clients. Most caregivers provide care for many years and this enlightens them to new ideas so they do not get into the monotony of day to day caring.

7) Inside Elder Care 


Ryan Malone, blog author, helps inform the readers to make elder care experiences a positive influence. Ryan has a very personal history of his mother suffering a stroke and the process of recovery after with complications.

8) Home Care Assistance 


This blog allows professionals in the elderly care industry to discuss events, news, problems, that arise within the homecare and nursing home industries. It allows for open and honest communication for people with hands on experience.

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