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Elder Abuse Can Affect Anyone– Even Mickey Rooney


Mickey Rooney took a courageous step recently when he stepped before congress to discuss his personal problems related to elder abuse.  Amazingly, this legendary actor discussed how he and his family have been impacted by elder abuse for years.

Hopefully, the publicity brought on this important topic will be the impetuous to encourage others to step forward and begin standing up for both themselves and others who are victims of elder abuse.

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One response to “Elder Abuse Can Affect Anyone– Even Mickey Rooney”

  1. Annie says:

    I want to thank Mr. Rooney for his work in standing up for this type of abuse. As a recent Master’s Graduate, I researched elder abuse and the numbers were staggering.
    I would be honored to sit with Mr. Rooney and talk to him regarding this matter. I recently had an elderly friend who was victimized by this kind of predator. Nowadays
    people are living longer but not necessarily independently, and there are constantly others out there who are more than willing to take advantage of them. Mr. Rooney is a hero.

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