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Can I Get A Lap Dance For The Old Man In Room 202?

nursing-home-stripper-200x300I’ve received several emails and messages from friends over on Google+ about a recently publicized news story about a nursing home in Britain that brings a new level of providing care to their patients by bringing in– aheemmm– ladies of the evening— call girls– strippers to ‘service’ their patients needs. While local authorities are apparently launching an investigation into whether the facility is ‘neglecting’ or exploiting these patients, others (including nursing home staff) actually feel like this ‘added service’ makes residents more relaxed and improves morale. While this story may not fit the bill in terms of our regular discussion relating to nursing home law, I thought it was interesting to say the least! What do you think?

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One response to “Can I Get A Lap Dance For The Old Man In Room 202?”

  1. ayasofia says:

    In other words, they are acting as pimps? the elderly are vulnerable to acts by people in nursing homes,Ie: assault, neglect and other acts of disregard for a human being. The entire industry has to be revamped and for profit facilities have to be closely nonitored..but the local authorities ACHA  close their eyes to such acts.

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