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Call Lights. How Should Staff Respond?

Staff Response to Call LightsNursing homes, hospitals, and long-term care facilities should have ‘call lights’ for residents to get the attention of the staff.  Most call lights are connected to patient beds.  The call lights should be located within easy reach of the residents and the calls should be responded to promptly by staff.  Most call light systems are connected only to a central nursing desk.  As a result, some ‘call light’ pages may go unanswered or responses to the call lights may be delayed if the staff is not in close to the desk.

A newer call light system, utilizing pager technology would help staff respond quicker to residents requests.  Yet other call light systems allow residents to carry pagers which prompt nursing home staff to respond to a page regardless of where the residents it.  A mobile pager would be especially helpful for dealing with nursing home falls.

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