Assisted Living Facility Allows Worker With Criminal Past To Work At Facility. The Results? A Bad Decision.

Worker With Criminal Past To Work At FacilityI was shocked when I saw a new clip in which the administrator of a South Carolina Assisted Living Facility acknowledges that she was a aware of an employees fraudulent check writing background— yet she choose to hire her anyway!  Does this make any sense?

The acknowledgment from the administrator comes after the arrest of two employees at the Eden Terrace Assisted Living Facility in South Carolina.  Samantha Nicole Bishop and Tammy Gail Jernigan have been charged with stealing credit cards and jewelery from patients at the facility.  Jernigan has a criminal record going back more than ten years with similar incidents.

Why on earth should a person with an extensive history of criminal fraud be working in an environment with particularly susceptible people?



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  1. Angela Taylor says:

    I was surprised to learn that assisted living facilities do not have any registered nursees on site only CNAs and those with certificates in this or that even the Directors only need certification to be in charge…….what a shame. They claim to have Registered Nursing Staff but they serve many facilities not just one and in fact, we never saw one on site except for staff training. The contracts often will state in that it is month to month with a 30 day notice of leaving, and assure that cost of living allowances are normally only 2-3%……DO NOT BELIEVE IT !!! After the first year we were to be charged a 7% increase !!!! The assisted living (a Mc Assisted Living and Mc Nursing Home huge conglomerate) facility also would turn the heat down very low in the winter freezing the residents until someone would absolutely scream or threaten and serve the most pitifully cheapest food to save money….unreal when their rates should include decent food and stable heating and cooling. They would have these bingo games where they residents would win a quarter per hand and the activities were such so that it costs the facility practically nothing and was of little stimulation for the residents at all.

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