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Ohio Nursing Home Negligence Case Valuation

nursing-home-ohio-lawsuitsOver the last decade, attorneys at Nursing Home Law News have stood out among the rest for its commitment and compassion for nursing home residents. We have brought many nursing home lawsuits on behalf of victimized occupants to recover damages for the pain, trauma, and expense of their incidents.

What is most shocking to us though is how much residents do not know about their own rights. Therefore, when we meet with them following an accident, we spend a considerable time reviewing the laws of Ohio and how they are put in place to ensure that you can recover if the nursing home abuses you, neglects you, or otherwise mistreats you.

In the pages below, we have gathered some important Ohio nursing home lawsuits and summarized them to give you a better understanding of this legal field. Take time to review them because they might give insight into how you can recover in Ohio court.

Our team commits solely to personal injury victims including nursing home residents and their families. We don’t represent nursing homes, doctors, hospitals, or pharmaceutical companies and we never will!


If you click on the links below, you will see the summaries that we have arranged for your consideration. They cover Ohio nursing home lawsuits (both jury award and settlement) but lawyers at Nursing Home Law News also work in many other states on behalf of injured residents and their families.

Also, they are organized around the type of injury or accident that the resident sustained. We do this because we belief that the injury type is the biggest driver of the lawsuit itself-it shapes a lot of the litigation and predicts how and where you can recover in court or settlement.

Yours might be different though and remember these points when thinking about bringing a cause of action yourself:

  • How were you hurt physically, mentally, emotionally, or any other way?
  • How did those harms cause you financial damages?
  • How did those harms cause impair your long-term health and wellness?
  • Were any of your past injuries or conditions at least partially responsible for the accident?
  • Did the nursing home break a law, rule, or policy?
  • Has the nursing home committed this abuse to other residents in the past?

Pick one of the links below and begin reading about nursing home lawsuits in Ohio. Remember, if you were injured in an Ohio nursing home, or one of your loved ones was injured, then we can help you.

We stand up when nursing homes don’t do their job. We know how and where to look for recovery and if you give us a call we can explain exactly what type of recovery is awaiting you. Take the first step! Contact us now!


If you are looking for information on Ohio nursing home laws and regulations, look here.

For information on nursing homes and attorneys who have experience with these types of cases, please refer to the pages below:

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