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Wrestling Legend Takes Moves To Minnesota Nursing Home

Wrestling legend Verne Gagne, a former professional wrestler, still has some of his moves that made for a successful career in college wrestling, professional wrestling and professional football.  Unfortunately, the wrestling moves have no place in an Alzheimer’s unit at Friendship Village Nursing Home.  Recently, Gagne threw down his roommate, Helmut Gutman, resulting in a broken leg and closed-closed head injury.  Several days later, Gutman died from complications related to his injuries.

Wrestling Legend in Nursing HomeThis incident demonstrates the necessity of nursing home staff to closely monitor Alzheimer’s and dementia patients and potentially intervene if the residents pose harm to themselves or others.  It is common for many people suffering from late stage Alzheimer’s to act violently and out of character as their disease progresses.  Nursing home employees should quickly intervene when they see a resident begin acting more aggressively and redirect the person even isolate them temporarily.

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