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Would you want this man to care for your granny at the nursing home?

Picture-116Sure looks can be deceiving, but this guy sure looks creepy to me!

The guy pictured above is Franklin D. Hughes, a former CNA at Bartlesville Care Center.  If his creepy looks weren’t enough, Mr. Hughes stands accused of sexually assaulting two dementia patients he was responsible for caring for at Bartlesville.

Making situation even more tragic is that Mr. Hughes was was accused of committing similar sexual acts with dementia patients at his prior job at the Nowata Nursing Center.

According to a court affidavit, the patients at Nowata filed complaints with the Oklahoma State Department of health in 2003 and 2007.  Probably due to the patients dementia, the cases were closed because the patients could not provide details of the sexual abuse.

Admittedly, I am unfamiliar with the reporting professional reporting policies in Oklahoma, but if Bartlesville Care Center officials had access to the state’s investigative file relating to Mr. Hughes prior conduct and either failed to make an inquiry or turned a blind eye, they certainly may open themselves to civil liability with respect to these most recent incidents.

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