Why Didn’t I Think Of This?

iStock_000004892147XSmall1As a father of an active toddler, I am well versed in the importance of keeping close tabs on him at all times.  We keep a video monitor on him to make sure he doesn’t harm himself.   Video monitoring has even gone to the streets in Chicago where police can monitor street traffic in crime ridden areas.

The time has come for monitoring to take the jump to nursing homes.  “Granny Cams” as Attorney David Terry describes in the Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Blog would be an important part of protecting our nursing home residents from nursing home abuse from nursing home employees and co-residents.

While cameras have caught abusive workers in the act, utilizing video technology as a regular part of nursing home care seems the a reasonable thing to do.  I join David’s endorsement of installing ‘granny cams’ to safeguard nursing home residents.

Hey David, can I get a cut of Granny Cam’s royalties?


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  1. Jonathan Rosenfeld's Nursing Homes Abuse Blog says:

    District Attorney Endorses Use Of Video Cameras In Nursing Homes

    A friend tried to lure me into a trip to Vegas by emailing me a link to a live video camera mounted poolside at a swank hotel. Did it work? No, my wife is still not so understanding when it…

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