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Video Demonstrates First-Hand Neglect At Hancock Park Rehabilitation Center, Los Angeles, CA


Ahhh, the power of home-videos!  Of course most of us acquire video camera with the hopes of capturing our babies first steps or our parents’ silver anniversary, yet this clip highlights how powerful this little piece of technology is when it comes to capturing everyday life.

Here, Todd Mobbs again documents the living circumstances of his father while a resident at Hancock Park Rehabilitation Center in Los Angeles, CA.  True, we could listen to him describe the situations his father dealt with, but the video component certainly is powerful.

This video, and Todd’s other compilations, demonstrate that everyday people can and should document what their loved ones are experiencing as nursing home patients.  If you see unsanitary living conditions or physical evidence of abuse or neglect, I strongly suggest taking all measures to document your experiences.  Even if the matter is not legally pursued, spreading the word about these situations will enhance future living conditions for us all.

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