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Tired Of Hearing Bad News About Nursing Homes? Here’s How To Keep Out

We’ve discussed how nursing homes often provide poor care.  Nursing home residents often suffer from bedsores, medication errors, inadequate nutrition, falls and physical abuse.  Not to mention the nursing home residents pay handsomely for the privilege of subjecting themselves to these potentially deadly problems.

Bad News About Nursing HomesEmily Brandon, of U.S. News and World Report , did a nice job reporting on programs available to seniors to allow them remain independent and out of nursing home facilities.  While the services detailed below may not be available in all areas, they give an idea of they types of programs available to seniors to provide assistance in their daily lives.

Transportation:  Seniors at Sunset Neighborhood in New Hartford, N.Y. can get a door-to-door ride to a doctor’s appointment, shopping, restaurants, or errands.  The charge for the service is $450 to $725 yearly based on the services requested.

Home Maintenance:
Capital Hill Village in Washington, D.C. employs volunteers to do basic home maintenance for light bulb changes, vacuum bag changes and moving of furniture. If the request requires more skill, the group has contracted vendors to provide discounted services.

Meals: Sunset Neighborhood does grocery shopping for its members every three weeks,  Other developments will have meals delivered or have scheduled meal sign-up which allow for seniors to enjoy each others company while eating at alternating homes.

Health Assistance: Many communities have daily telephone check-in’s.  Others have plans in place for neighbors to actually ring each others door bell.

The above are simple examples of community sponsored care that enables seniors to remain independent.  The above can be implemented in any area where the services are desires.  Moreover, the above examples of care are not expensive.

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