Three Nursing Home Employees Fired After Abuse Is Discovered In Mass. Facility

Is there a major problem related to patient abuse at Springside Nursing Home?

Not surprisingly, it depends who you ask.  In my eye, I suspect the answer is a resounding ‘yes’ after abusive events have come to light that most definitely make me question patient care at that facility.  According to an article in the Berkshire Eagle, “Elderly patient abuse alleged” three employees at Springside have recently been terminated by the facility for their roles related to patient abuse.

Employees Fired After Abuse Is Discovered In Mass. FacilityThe three recently terminated employees include:

  • Jodi LeBrake, for allegedly stuffing a sock in the mouth of a disabled 72-year old patient who was crying for help from the staff after she had wet herself.
  • Amy Simkewicz, a CNA who witnessed Ms. leBrake’s abusive conduct, but never reported the abuse to authorities
  • Sandra Yankey, who incidentally has a prior criminal record, was terminated on the spot after colleagues witnessed her pulling the hair of an 80-year-old patient

Perhaps, not surprisingly, a spokeswoman for Genesis Healthcare (the parent company of Springside) Jeanne Moore said the incidents were “isolated and unrelated”.  Hmmm… isolated? unrelated?

If my family were at this facility Ms. Moore’s comments would hardly be soothing my concerns about my relatives safety.  Simply by the fact that these incidents occurred within a tight window of time, my suspicion is that a culture of abusive employee conduct was allowed to permeate this facility.  I certainly hope Genesis officials begin their inquest with the supervisors of these women and learn what–if anything– they knew about this abusive conduct.

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0 responses to “Three Nursing Home Employees Fired After Abuse Is Discovered In Mass. Facility”

  1. Ameesimko says:

    My name is Amy Simkewicz and I would like to inform you that your information regarding me is grossley inaccurate. Indeed I was fired but it was not for failing to report the incident i witnessed. (which by the way i ABSOLUTELY reported.  Check your facts with the state of Massachusettes.  Being 9 months pregnant at the time what I witnessed scared me to the point I thought there may be reprecussions from Ms. Lebrake.  After securing the resident I told her to take a break, made sure there wasn’t contact w/ any other resident then reported it not 1/2 hour later BUT after she had left the building.  The investigator completely understood my  reasoning and I was commended by the state for coming forward.  Springside fired me  unjustly and I won unemployment compensation for that reason.  I was never contacted by anyone regarding this matter to give my side of the story!!

    • Jonathan Rosenfeld says:


      Many times we do out best to bring news developments to our readers attention. In some respects the news accounts may not be accurate. In this sense, I applaud you for coming forward and telling your side of the story. We will always allow the accused to present their version of events.

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