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Three New York Nursing Home Employees Charged With Abusing Elderly

Three employees of Gowanda Nursing Home, of New York, face criminal charges related to their allegedly abusive treatment of their elderly patients.  According to court papers, Andrew Austin, a CNA at the New York Nursing Home, admittedly used racial epithets and physically attacked a resident after he refused to take his medications. The abusive behavior lead to convictions of endangering the welfare of an incompetent or physically disabled person and willful violations of state health laws.

Nursing Home Employees Charged With Abusing ElderlyIn a separate incident, Jeffery Perry, a nurse at Gowanda, allegedly tied an elderly resident with dementia to a chair for two consecutive nights.  Perry faces charges of endangering the welfare of an incompetent or physically disabled person. The third Gowanda nurse charged, Jeanette Sovereign, was charged with endangering the welfare of an incompetent or physically disabled person and willful violation of health laws for not reporting nurse Perry’s abusive behavior to proper authorities.  Both Perry and Sovereign pleaded not guilty during their recent arraignments.  Read more about the criminal charges brought against these nursing home workers here.

These are just the most criminal charges brought against New York nursing home employees by New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo.  Cuomo’s investigation of nursing home abuse and neglect has resulted in:

  • Sentencing of the nursing home company, Highgate LTC Management, to pay $15,000 in fines, be barred from the business for a period of time, and accept responsibility for patient neglect that occurred at its Cortland facility, which was uncovered with the use of hidden-cameras.
  • Sentencing of a former aide at the Rome Memorial Hospital Residential Health Care Facility to 25 years in prison for raping and sexually assaulting a 90-year-old resident of the nursing home.
  • Arrest of a certified nurse aide who stomped on an 84 year-old female resident of Kaleida Health Deaconess Skilled Nursing Facility in Buffalo while the resident was lying in the fetal position.
  • Arrests of two Rome nursing home employees for stealing and then pawning an engagement ring belonging to an 89-year-old resident.
  • Arrest of a certified nurse aide for sexually abusing a physically disabled patient at the Eddy Ford Nursing Home in Cohoes.
  • Sentencing of a certified nurse aide who stole $8,000 from a 97-year-old resident at The Waters of Orchard Park nursing home in Orchard Park in order to pay a debt she owed for the purchase of cocaine.
  • Arrest of a former Gates nursing home employee who allegedly stole and forged personal checks from a resident, and then deposited them in her own bank account.
  • Sentencing of certified nurse aide formerly employed at the Blossom North Nursing Home in Rochester for using two elderly residents’ Social Security Numbers to fraudulently obtain cable service from Time Warner Cable and power from Rochester Gas & Electric.

To date, Attorney General Cuomo’s ongoing nursing home investigations, including the use of hidden-cameras, have led to the arrests or convictions of more than 47 nursing home employees.

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